What is ntcamp?

ntcamp stands for new teachers camp. It is a one day forum designed for new and old teachers, administrators, librarians and tech specialists to converse and discuss best practices in education. The structure is a focused conversation that addresses a specific topic in education. On the day of the event, session leaders can sign up for time slots and present or structure their session around a conversation and allow everyone to lead. ntcamp will focus on bringing in new teachers and allowing them to mingle with veteran teachers and allow a forum for questions and discussion.

The sessions are only part of what ntcamp will be. ntcamp will be streamed live and archived. This will allow participants from all over the globe to connect and be part of the discussion. Sessions will also be archived and allow anyone to access the sessions at anytime for professional development. The live streaming element of ntcamp allows the conversation to transcend location and serve as a model that we can hopefully all emulate in our classrooms.